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  A Magnetic Cruise Idea  

Build a Magnetic Collection
on Your Next Cruise

Destination Magnets - Tell your cruise story

Here are just a few of our magnets that we’ve collected from various ports of call during our past cruises. Collecting magnets from each destination is an easy way to tell a story of your cruise destinations.

You can display them on your refrigerator or on any metal surface. As you can see from this sampling, they come in all shapes and sizes.

We especially like the 3-D magnets. Magnets can be found in various price ranges, making it possible to stay within your collecting budget.

Ship Magnets - Another Variation

Another collection we started on our first cruise, was collecting one or more cruise ship magnets.   Most ships have them, but when they don’t, you need to get creative.

Notice the Norwegian Sun magnet.   We were on its maiden voyage, and they didn’t have magnets yet.  One of the local artists personalized a magnet for us.   This is one of our favorite cruise ship magnets.

Again, these magnets come in various sizes and prices.   You can tell a story of your cruises by mixing ship magnets and destination magnets.


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